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European Diploma in Breast Imaging (EDBI)

September 21, 2017
on occasion of EUSOBI 2017


Application deadline: July 03, 2017
Please use the APPLICATION FORM and refer to the requirements below.

General Information

The European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) introduced an European Diploma in Breast Imaging (EDBI) in 2012. The European Diploma in Breast Imaging will be a common European qualification for breast imagers and will help to standardise training and expertise in breast imaging across Europe. The European Diploma in Breast Imaging is endorsed by the European Society of Radiology (ESR).

The EDBI confirms specific competence of radiologists to perform, interpret and report mammography, ultrasound, MRI and breast intervention. The EBDI will assist breast imagers in the promotion of their skills and experience in breast imaging when dealing with other clinical colleagues and with the general public.


  • The European Diploma in Breast Imaging is acquired in 2 steps.
  • Step 2 comprises written and oral components and can be taken for the next time on occasion of the EUSOBI 2017 in Berlin/DE.
  • Only a limited number of candidates can be accepted for step 2 at each meeting. Applications will be accepted on a first come, first served basis – date of receipt of application form! Early application is therefore recommended.
  • After the examination for step 2, an examiners meeting will be held. At this meeting, the results of both components of the exam will be added together to produce a total score for the examination for each candidate.
  • The scores for each candidate will be reviewed and potential fail candidates will be discussed. At the end of the meeting, a list of pass and fail candidates will be produced and candidates informed accordingly by email.
  • Successful candidates will be awarded the European Diploma in Breast Imaging (EDBI) and may add EBBI (European Board of Breast Imaging) to their name.


Step I

RIS documentation or Logbook
All candidates must present a RIS documentation or logbook with a total record of their breast imaging experience. This should present the candidate’s breast imaging experience in mammography, ultrasound, MRI and interventional procedures. The whole information needs to be anonymous. The RIS documentation or logbook should be countersigned by candidate’s breast imaging programme director.
The minimum qualifications required for entry to the examination are the following:
The candidate should have experience in at least 800 mammographies, 500 ultrasound, 50 breast MR studies and any 50 interventional procedures per year. The candidate should have reached these figures independently every year within the last three years before the examination is taken.

CME credits in breast imaging
25 CME credits (or equivalent national credits) within the last three years specifically in breast imaging with various modalities.

Letter of support
Letter of support from the candidate’s breast imaging programme director or department head confirming, that the candidate was trained in breast imaging for a cumulative duration of at least one year.

Application form
The completed application form must be submitted to the EUSOBI Office.

Curriculum Vitae
The CV should include a record of:
previous training posts in general and breast radiology.
all scientific and educational activities.
Kindly note that the CV has to be submitted in English language and European format.

Documentation form
Please use the following form to provide the requested information (RIS documentation/logbook, CME credits, CV) accordingly:

Please return the completed form via PDF format to the EUSOBI Office.

Certificate of completed training (CCT)
Kindly note that the training has to be completed prior to apply for the European Diploma in Breast Imaging. Full subspecialisation should only take place after five years of radiology training (residency). At least one year of subspecialty training is required.

Handling fee

Full member: € 400.00

Corresponding/associate member: € 600.00

EUSOBI and ESR Memberhsip

The status of a full member of EUSOBI and full member of ESR in good standing or a corresponding membership of EUSOBI and a corresponding membership of ESR in good standing are required for the application to the European Diploma in Breast Imaging.

Step II: Oral and Written Examination

(Candidates judged to have satisfied step 1 are invited from EUSOBI to take step 2. This comprises written and oral components.)

Written exam
The written part of the examination runs via the new EDiR platform.
-   30 multiple choice questions.
-   MCQs - five answer options, 1 or more of the given answer options are correct.
-   No negative marking for incorrect answers.
-   15 pictorial multiple choice questions - five answer options, 1 or more of the given answer options are correct.
-   No negative marking for incorrect answers.
-   The exam lasts 80 minutes.
-   Candidates will be tested in all aspects relevant to breast imaging such as clinical practice, pathology, mammography,   
    ultrasound, MRI, intervention.

Oral exam
This consists of a 20 minute oral examination by EUSOBI/EDBI representatives in English language. The examiners will show each candidate a series of cases. The examiners will test the candidate’s knowledge of all aspects of the cases under discussion – indication, clinical background, diagnosis, technical parameters, limitations, etc.

Examples (MCQs - written examination)

With regards imaging of DCIS with mammography:


  • Normal mammography and non-calcified abnoramilies are more commonly seen in low grade than high grade DCIS
  • Punctate calcifications are more commonly seen in low grade DCIS than high grade DCIS
  • Extent of calcifications is a factor used to predict coexistent invasive cancer
  • Low grade DCIS size estimation is more accurate than high grade DCIS size estimation
  • FFDM is less sensitive than film screen mammography for the detection of DCIS


Regarding MRI of the breast:

  • It is more accurate than mammography and US at assessing tumour size
  • Tumour grade can be reliably established using MRI
  • US is more accurate than MRI for detecting multifocal disease
  • A type 3 contrast curve is very specific for malignancy
  • It is most appropriately performed between days 1 to 5 of the patient's menstrual cycle


The typical pathological findings of invasive lobular carcinoma are:

  • Low nuclear grade
  • Decrease or absence of E-Cadherin
  • Small, uniform tumour cells growing in indian file
  • ERB B2/HER2 overexpression
  • Association with DCIS



The EDBI will test knowledge which is based on the subspecialty breast interest component of the ESR curriculum. However candidates will not be expected to have in depth knowledge of management of screening programmes or extramammary staging.


Breast imaging is rapidly evolving thus requiring continuous medical education. EUSOBI will renew the European Diploma in Breast Imaging every three years for full EUSOBI members in good standing upon proof of at least 50 CME credits in breast imaging (or equivalent national credits) within 48 months. For the others the examination must be repeated.


Successful candidates will be awarded the European Diploma in Breast Imaging and may add EBBI (European Board of Breast Imaging) to their name.


For your application kindly complete the application form and return it to the EUSOBI Office for approval by the EUSOBI Diploma Committee.
The EUSOBI Office will confirm the receipt of the candidates application and all required additional information once received. If a candidate cannot provide all entry criteria by the stated deadline his/her registration for the exam will be cancelled. Candidates judged to have satisfied the entry criteria will be eligible to take the examination and informed accordingly by the EUSOBI Office.



Please be informed that diplomas may only be awarded to fully-trained, licensed and practicing radiologists.


In case a candidate did not pass the European Diploma in Breast Imaging he/she has the possibility to retake the examination one year later. A reduced fee of € 200.00 will be granted for a re-examination. 

Chairperson of the EDBI Committee

Dr. Eleanor Cornford

In case of any questions regarding the European Diploma in Breast Imaging or its examination, please do not hesitate to contact the EUSOBI Office:


No refunds can be provided if an applicant withdraws his/her application. If applying again for the next examination, only 50% of the respective handling fee will be charged.

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