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The Journal “ European Radiology “ official organ of the ECR, EAR and of most of the European Societies of radiological subdisciplines continues its successful growth and development.
Subscription remains stable on a very high level and the journal enjoys the third highest circulation in the world of international journals devoted to radiological imaging.Particular efforts are made by the publisher, Springer Verlag to ensure punctual delivery of single issues within the first days of every month.
During the past year again more than 400 manuscripts were published from a total of more than 950 received .Although the majority of authors is European, Asian and American contributions are increasing steadily. Implementing the editorial policy decided two years ago, the number of published case reports has been further reduced in favor of more original research articles and revieuw type papers .The editors continue their efforts in order to further shorten the duration of the peer revieuwing procedure and of the publication time interval following accceptance of the manuscript. On line electronic publication of manuscripts is now achieved within two months following acceptance, a feature which is highly appreciated by both authors and those involved in research .
Since April 2004 all manuscripts of “European Radiology “ from submittal, through peer revieuw to acceptance for publication have been processed exclusively electronic and on line. This operational change has enabled the editorial office to substantially reduce paperwork and surface mail, resulting in substantial financial savings .But also from the scientific point of vieuw the mutation to full electronic proceedings has proven to be beneficial in reducing further the time needed for the revieuwing process and for publishing and in general to intensify and to improve our working relations with authors and peer revieuwers.
The impact factor as determined by the ISI increased again and stands now at 1.979 for the year 2003.
“European Radiology” is also the top European forum to publish scientific material from the ECR and the affiliated European societies of radiological disciplines as well as to report on the activities of the EAR for promoting the discipline and organised radiology at the European level
I take this opportunity to express my most sincere appreciation for the enthousiastic support from my two deputy editors: A.Dixon and T.Vogl, the members of the advisory and Editorial Board and helpful suggestions to improve the scientific standing of our Journal.
Moreover i would like to acknowledge the excellent contributions by the numerous European, American as and Asian scientists, who kindly acted as peer revieuwers of the submitted manuscripts.
I am also grateful for the continuing support of th members of the executive Committee of the ECR.
Last but not least, let me call your attention to the fact that ECR membership fee includes a full year subscription to “ European Radiology “

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Editor in Chief: Prof. Adrian K. Dixon, Cambridge/UK

European Radiology Editorial Office:
c/o ESR Office, attn.: Ms. Stefanie Muzik
Neutorgasse 9/2a, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: + 43 1 5334064-0
Fax: + 43 1 5334064-441


Insights into Imaging is an PubMed indexed open access journal (ISSN 1869-4101)

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Insights into Imaging (I³) is the ESR's platform for:
- original articles
- educational material, such as state of the art reviews
- scientific and best-practice knowledge
- guidelines
- recommendations & statements from leading radiological societies in Europe

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Robert Hermans, Leuven/BE

Insights into Imaging - Editorial Office:
c/o ESR Office, attn.: Ms. Stefanie Muzik
Neutorgasse 9/2a
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: + 43 1 5334064-0
Fax: + 43 1 5334064-441


The largest peer-reviewed teaching database of radiology on the internet offers ESR members access to a wealth of medical information and imaging data, whose accuracy and quality have been validated by some of the most experienced radiologists in Europe.

EURORAD contains case reports for medical students (simple cases), residents in radiology (everyday cases) and senior radiologists (complex cases). For easy retrieval of required cases, the website offers a new powerful search engine as well as multi-lingual navigation. EURORAD allows you to download, save, and print the cases as PDF documents, or e-mail them via the web-based e-mail client. All EURORAD cases are registered with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which makes all cases citable.

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In 2003, ECR took a bold step and introduced an all-electronic scientific exhibition using EPOS™, the Electronic Presentation Online System, thus setting new standards in the medical meeting industry. EPOS™ - the Electronic Presentation Online System of the ESR and ECR - is accessible as a permanent online database with more than 11.000 posters and presentations from ECR 2003-2012 and other congresses.