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European Radiology, the official journal of the ESR, provides a forum for state-of-the-art research articles from all fields of medical imaging. All ESR members in good standing have free and unlimited access to the online version of the journal. A monthly print issue featuring special cover illustrations is also available, and is delivered straight to your doorstep. Subscribe to the print version here

The Impact Factor of European Radiology shows an impressive increase from 3.548 in 2012 to 4.338 in 2013, confirming that European Radiology is Europe's no. 1 journal in general radiology and has moved up further in rank to number 13 out of 121 radiological journals in the 'radiology, nuclear medicine and molecular imaging' section.

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Editor in Chief: Prof. Maximilian F. Reiser, Munich/DE

European Radiology Editorial Office:

c/o ESR Office, attn.: Mrs. Stefanie Bolldorf
Neutorgasse 9/2a, 1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: + 43 1 5334064-0
Fax: + 43 1 5334064-441


Insights into Imaging is an PubMed indexed open access journal (ISSN 1869-4101)

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Insights into Imaging (I³) is the ESR's platform for:
- original articles
- educational material, such as state of the art reviews
- scientific and best-practice knowledge
- guidelines
- recommendations & statements from leading radiological societies in Europe

Editor-in-Chief: Prof. Robert Hermans, Leuven/BE

Insights into Imaging - Editorial Office:
c/o ESR Office, attn.: Ms. Stefanie Bolldorf
Neutorgasse 9/2a
1010 Vienna, Austria
Phone: + 43 1 5334064-0
Fax: + 43 1 5334064-441


The largest peer-reviewed teaching database of radiology on the internet offers ESR members access to a wealth of medical information and imaging data, whose accuracy and quality have been validated by some of the most experienced radiologists in Europe.

EURORAD contains case reports for medical students (simple cases), residents in radiology (everyday cases) and senior radiologists (complex cases). For easy retrieval of required cases, the website offers a new powerful search engine as well as multi-lingual navigation. EURORAD allows you to download, save, and print the cases as PDF documents, or e-mail them via the web-based e-mail client. All EURORAD cases are registered with a DOI (Digital Object Identifier), which makes all cases citable.

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In 2003, ECR took a bold step and introduced an all-electronic scientific exhibition using EPOS™, the Electronic Presentation Online System, thus setting new standards in the medical meeting industry. EPOS™ is accessible as a permanent online database, now open access, with more than 26.000 posters and presentations from ECR 2003-2015 and other congresses.