EUSOBI CEE Training Grant


An evaluation conducted by the EUSOBI Board showed that the Central-Eastern European (CEE) region shows a significant delay achieving state-of-the-art practical experience in screening, diagnosis, patient management, breast center organization, MDT functions, use of patient-centered diagnostic algorithms and logistics. Some specific and new diagnostic techniques are mandatory in this context, but the experience is limited in the CEE region (e.g. tomosynthesis, MRI-guided interventions, vacuum excision, stereotaxy, etc.)

The reason for establishing a CEE training grant is the lack of personal experience of many breast radiologists in the CEE region regarding state-of-the-art good medical practice. It is mainly due to financial reasons that young (and also experienced) breast radiologists from the CEE region cannot leave their daily workplace for getting a sufficient experience abroad.
EUSOBI, as a European breast imaging society is therefore proposing a training programme for supporting this particular European region. The program is tailored to this region’s special needs.

Grant description

Number of available places

3 grants are offered for 2025, each between 1-3 months length. EUSOBI strongly recommends to choose the maximum length (3 months), as this gives you the opportunity to make this training the most useful for you.


  1. This programme applies to radiologists within the first 3-4 years after certification, who desire to become subspecialist radiologists in breast imaging.
  2. Core training in clinical radiology in line with national training scheme and in accordance with the ESR syllabus. This should include core experience in breast imaging.
  3. Applicants must be fluent in English.
  4. An active EUSOBI membership is required.
  5. Eligible countries are selected taking into consideration their geopolitical position and their position on the different lists (EU, IMF, World Bank, OECD). According to this selection, the following countries’ breast radiologists are eligible for grant application: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia.


  • All applications will be carefully reviewed by an evaluation committee after the submission deadline. The candidate’s work experience, professional activity (CV) and letter of motivation are taken into account during the evaluation. We expect to inform applicants about the outcome in mid-September.
  • The selected candidates will be asked to provide additional documents to the training center for administrative purposes.
  • A valid COVID-19 vaccination certificate will be required by most hospitals.
  • The selected fellows are further asked to take care of their health insurance and are responsible for their visa.

Duration of fellowship and funding

The training starts in the first half of the year and lasts for 1-3 months. The amount of the grant depends on the selected duration:


  • 3 months – € 3.500 100% 100%
  • 2 months – € 2.500 71% 71%
  • 1 month – € 1.500 43% 43%

The fellow receives the grant in two parts, the first half of the amount will be provided upon start of the training, the second half is transferred at the mid-time of the whole period. All final documents (a final report about the training, original flight tickets and accommodation receipts as well as 3 interesting cases from the institution for EUSOBI database) must be submitted within 4 weeks after the end of training. The grant is intended to contribute in part to travel and accommodation expenses during the training period. EUSOBI cannot guarantee that the grant will cover these costs in full. During the period of training the fellow is responsible for covering his/her expenses and his/her own health insurance. The training itself is offered for free.


Programme structure

Based on a weekly training programme, the trainee will familiarise him/herself with all aspects of breast imaging and intervention by case-by-case hands-on teaching on routine clinical cases provided by an experienced staff. The trainee will design a personalised programme with his/her tutor to cover areas that will be most useful to his/her anticipated practice, ie referral-based imaging, screening, interventional or MRI. At the end of the training programme the trainee would be expected to have developed a sound knowledge in subspecialty breast disease on which further training and experience may be built-up.

In non-native English speaking training centers teaching would be in English, while major radiological conferences and reporting may be in the local language. Some knowledge of the local language may be an advantage.

The trainee will be able to observe clinical activities, but will not have direct patient care responsibilities.

It is the trainee’s responsibility to communicate with the center regarding the details of the training and whether more responsibilities than observer status can be obtained. EUSOBI solely acts as facilitator and coordinator between the training center and the trainee. A direct contract would be signed between the trainee and the host institution.


After successful completion of the one/two/three-month training the trainee receives a certificate from EUSOBI. In order to receive this, the fellow must present a written report about his/her work and activities during the programme, and submit 3 interesting cases from the institution to EUSOBI (4 weeks after the training ended).


Application is closed for 2025 and will re-open in spring 2025 for grants in 2026

Training Centers

To view the list, please click here.

Evaluation Committee

Gabor Forrai, Budapest/HU
Paola Clauser, Vienna/AT
Elisabetta Giannotti, Cambridge/UK
Chantal Van Ongeval, Leuven/BE