EUSOBI Young Researcher Grant

Application is open

One of the aims of EUSOBI is to support young researchers. To achieve this aim, the EUSOBI decided to support a maximum of 3 research grants every year, starting in 2021. These grants will be awarded to young researchers, who want to develop a project in the field of breast imaging.

Eligibility Criteria

  • EUSOBI member in good standing below the age of 35;
  • All projects should be mentored by a senior EUSOBI member who will be in charge of overall supervision of the project (preferably from the scientific committee, as an alternative a senior researcher in breast imaging);
  • Each project should have a maximum length of one year (six additional months may be requested)
  • The chief of the department where the work is to be performed should provide confirmation that the young researcher will be allowed to perform the research and that mentoring will be provided when needed.
There are no limitations on the study design and thematic areas of projects that can be presented for evaluation. 

The project will be evaluated by a selected Committee and based on:

  • Originality (10 points) 22,3% 22,3%
  • Methodology and scientific validity (15 points) 33,3% 33,3%
  • Importance of anticipated results and transferability to clinical practice (15 points) 33,3% 33,3%
  • Previous experience on the topic (i.e. previous papers published) (5 points) 11,1% 11,1%

Final works will be presented at the first EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting available.
Each paper that will be published using data from the research will include the following phrase among acknowledgments: “This research was partially/totally funded by the Young Researchers Grant awarded by the European Society of Breast Imaging”.


EUSOBI will devolve the sum of up to EUR 7.500 to this initiative divided into max three grants of EUR 2.500 each. The sum will be awarded directly to the EUSOBI member and not to his/her department/university.
Grants will be transferred to recipients with the following timescales:

  • 40% when the research begins, as communicated by grant recipient;
  • 30% after six months activity, upon presentation of interim results;
  • 30% when the research will be published in a peer-review journal.


Application is open, with deadline by June 30th, 2024

  • Applications will be rated by a jury, before September 2024
  • The winner will be announced at the EUSOBI Annual Meeting 2024 in Lisbon, Portugal


Projects should be written on the two forms provided.
Form A includes the title of the project, keywords, background, rationale, objectives, methods, transferability, impact of results and expected project timeline.
Form A must not include any reference to the names of the Young Researcher or Mentor, or any reference to previously published papers by the applicant or applicant’s group. Failure to comply with that will result in exclusion from consideration for the Grant.
Download Form A

Form B includes the title of the project, name and CV of the Young Researcher and name and CV of the Mentor. Additionally, we ask for 3 signatures.
Download Form B

Forms A and B should be saved in PDF file format and named as Form_A_[titleoftheproject] and Form_B_[titleoftheproject], respectively, and sent to the EUSOBI Office (

Winning Projects


PERMS: PERsonalized Mammographic Screening in Norway: additional contrast enhanced spectral mammography (CESM) for women with mammographic extremely dense breasts.
Henrik Wethe Koch – Stavanger/Norway

A multiparametric approach for Breast Ultrafast Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI
Lidia Rabiolo – Palermo/Italy

Getting the best out of it: The use of PC-CT with special breast positioning for breast imaging
Caroline Wilpert – Freiburg/Germany


Enhancing the Kaiser Score for unenhanced breast MRI
Nina Pötsch – Vienna/Austria

Obesity and sarcopenia in breast cancer prognosis: could body composition analysis predict therapeutic response in breast cancer?
Veronica Rizzo – Rome/Italy


Multi-parametric Breast Ultrasound Imaging as a potential Biomarker for Breast Cancer (short title: mp-BUS Imaging)
Anna Potempa – Baden/Switzerland

Triaging women from MRI to mammography to adapt screening to changes in breast density using artificial intelligence
Bas van der Velden – Utrecht/The Netherlands