European Society of Breast Imaging


EXECUTIVE BOARD (2022-2024)  
President: R. Pijnappel, Utrecht/NL view CV
Vice President: M. Fuchsjäger, Graz/AT view CV
Past President: F. Gilbert, Cambridge/UK view CV
Secretary General: P. Baltzer, Vienna/AT
Treasurer: M. Lesaru, Bucharest/RO
Chairperson of the…  
…Educational Committee: F. Pediconi, Rome/IT view CV
…Scientific Committee: R.M. Mann, Nijmegen/NL view CV
…International Relations Committee: A. Athanasiou, Athens/GR view CV
…Young Club Committee: E. Giannotti, Cambridge/UK
Ordinary Member: P. Clauser, Vienna/AT
Ordinary Member: E.M. Fallenberg, Munich/DE
Ordinary Member: F. Kilburn-Toppin, Cambridge/UK
Ordinary Member: C.K. Kuhl, Aachen/DE view CV
Ordinary Member: K. Pinker-Domenig, Vienna/AT view CV
Ordinary Member: T. Sella, Jerusalem/IL
Ordinary Member: I. Thomassin-Naggara, Paris/FR
Ordinary Member: C. Van Ongeval, Leuven/BE view CV
Ordinary Member: S. Zackrisson, Malmö/SE view CV


Educational Committee

Education Chair: F. Pediconi, Rome/IT
EDBI Chair: E.M. Fallenberg, Munich/DE

R. Alcantara Souza, Barcelona/ES
K. Borbely, Budapest/HU
E. Giannotti, Nottingham/UK
F. Kilburn-Toppin, Cambridge/UK
M. Marcon, Zurich/CH
J. Muscat, Msida/MT
H. Preibsch, Tübingen/DE
M. Prutki, Zagreb/HR
R.M. Trimboli, Milan/IT
C. Van Ongeval, Leuven/BE

Scientific Committee

Chairperson: R.M. Mann, Nijmegen/NL

C. Balleyguier, Villejuif/FR
P. Baltzer, Vienna/AT
U. Bick, Berlin/DE
M. Dietzel, Erlangen/DE
F. Galati, Rome/IT
M.A. Marino, Messina/IT
L. Martincich, Asti/IT
K. Pinker, New York/US; Vienna/AT
I. Sechopoulos, Nijmegen/NL
N. Sharma, Leeds/UK

International Relations Committee

Chairperson: A. Athanasiou, Athens/GR

S. Agarwal, Dubai/AE
M. Bernathova, Vienna/AT
R. Briediene, Vilnius/LT
G. Esen, Istanbul/TR
G. Ivanac, Zagreb/HR
M. Lesaru, Bucharest/RO
P. Panizza, Milan/IT
S. Perez Rodrigo, Madrid/ES
B. Raghavan, Chennai/IN
T. Sella, Jerusalem/IL
A. Tardivon, Paris/FR
I. Thomassin-Naggara, Paris/FR
S. Zackrisson, Malmö/SE

EUSOBI Young Club Committee

Chairperson: E. Giannotti, Cambridge/UK
Vice Chair: T. van Nijnatten, Maastricht/NL

I. Biondic Spoljar, Zagreb/HR
M. Fanizza, Bologna/IT
M. Keupers, Leuven/BE
M.A. Marino, Messina/IT
S. Schiaffino, Lugano/CH
Advisory member: P. Clauser, Vienna/AT

Committees' description & tasks
EUSOBI Educational Committee
Chair: Prof. Federica Pediconi

The Educational Committee aims to enhance the profile and recognition of subspecialist breast radiology throughout Europe through promoting standards of excellence in education and training.

Members of the Educational Committee are required:

  • to help preparing programmes for courses, webinars and other educational activities
  • to give talks at courses and congresses
  • to become tutor for ESOR-EUSOBI fellowship holders
  • to help with the preparation and performance of the European Diploma in Breast Imaging (e.g. preparation of material and questions, evaluation of applicants, act as examiner and/or observer as soon as EDBI is obtained)
  • to participate in meetings for the organization of educational activities
  • to help updating the chapters of the European Training Curricula for Radiology related to breast radiology
EUSOBI International Relations Committee
Chair: Dr. Alexandra Athanasiou

The International Relations Committee aims to create connections and foster liaisons with other European and international societies, as well as to increase EUSOBI’s offer and visibility to enhance and elevate the level of radiologic breast examination.

The International Relations Committee members are involved:

  • in public relation initiatives of the society
  • in the organisation of “Meets-sessions” at our own annual scientific meeting and vice versa at annual meetings or related societies
  • in the cooperation and the creation of Memorandum of Understandings with European and international societies
  • in other initiatives like education and training of underserved countries/regions
  • in the provision of educational programmes and outreach
  • in spotlighting relevant issues identified through committee programmes and supporting research
EUSOBI Scientific Committee
Chair: Dr. Ritse M. Mann

The scientific committee of EUSOBI aims to promote the performance of science in breast imaging and the integration of scientific results in clinical practice.

The Scientific Committee members are involved:

  • in the evaluation of abstracts submitted to the EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting
  • in preparing the scientific programme for the EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting
  • in the evaluation/approval of external studies and questionnaires that are sent to EUSOBI members
  • in the generation of evidence based EUSOBI guidelines and recommendations
  • in the recommendation of articles, papers, guidelines and useful links for the EUSOBI website
EUSOBI Young Club Committee
Chair: Dr. Paola Clauser

The EYC aims to create connections and foster collaborations between young specialists and researchers with an interest in breast imaging, by providing an international communication platform to share experiences, exchange ideas and knowledge, and opportunities for social interaction. The Young Club is actively involved in the organisation of courses and webinars that address educational and research topics in breast imaging, as well as professional issues that young breast radiologists may encounter in Europe (and all over the world).
The EYC Committee works actively with the EUSOBI Executive Board and other Committees to promote the active participation and involvement of young breast imaging specialists in the society and breast imaging community.

The EYC Committee members are required:

  • to collaborate and support the organization of EYC educational activities as webinars, journal club and courses. This includes help in the development of the program, moderating session and promptly participate in all the planned activities.
  • to assist EUSOBI fellow in the management of the EUSOBI social media presence.
  • to collaborate in drafting of newsletters/educational papers and other scientific publications.
  • to maintain education in breast imaging, being up to date with latest scientific development and consider taking further qualification as the European Diploma in Breast Imaging.


There is a current open call for the following EUSOBI Committees:

  • Scientific Committee (application is open to all interested EUSOBI members in good standing)
  • International Relations Committee (application is open to all interested EUSOBI members in good standing)
  • Young Club (EYC) Committee (CLOSED)

Further details are available HERE

Advisory Board

J. Camps Herrero, Valencia/ES view CV
G. Forrai, Budapest/HU view CV
T. Helbich, Vienna/AT view CV
F. Sardanelli, Milan/IT view CV

Honorary Members

E. Azavedo, Stockholm/SE
† Y. Grumbach, Amiens/FR
R. Salvador, Barcelona/ES
I. Schreer, Kiel/DE
P. Skaane, Oslo/NO
M. Wallis, Cambridge/UK
G. Wolf, Vienna/AT

#SoMe fellows

M. Baykara Ulusan, Istanbul/TR
M. Dietzel, Erlangen/DE

EUSOBI Representatives at ESR/EBR

ESR Quality, Safety and Standards Committee: E.M. Fallenberg, Munich/DE
ESR Subspecialties and Allied Sciences Committee: R. Pijnappel, Utrecht/NL
ESR Research Committee: R.M. Mann, Nijmegen/NL
ESR Education Committee: F. Kilburn-Toppin, Cambridge/UK

EBR Clinically Orientated Reasoning Evaluation (CORE): C. Van Ongeval, Leuven/BE
EBR Written Evaluation Committee: F. Kilburn-Toppin, Cambridge/UK

EUSOBI Representatives at ECO

A. Athanasiou, Athens/GR
J. Camps Herrero, Valencia/ES
P. Clauser, Vienna/AT
E.M. Fallenberg, Munich/DE
C.K. Kuhl, Aachen/DE

EUSOBI Society Controllers

Term of office: 2023-2024

Mr. Christoph Mayer, Vienna/AT
Mr. Georg Varga, Vienna/AT

Corporate Sponsors

EUSOBI would like to thank its corporate sponsors for their valuable support!







The EUSOBI Society Statutes are available for download/viewing as PDF documents:


ESR European Training Curriculum for Subspecialisation in Radiology

Carla Boetes Fund

On May 14th, 2011 prof. dr. Carla Boetes unexpectedly passed away. She was professor in breast radiology in the Maastricht University Medical Center. Carla Boetes had a leading role in the development of imaging of breast cancer and particularly in the development of the breast MRI. During her career, initially in the University Medical Center Sint Radboud in Nijmegen and after her transfer in 2008 in the Maastricht University Medical Center+, she quickly transformed the breast cancer care to an international level. Apart from being a very an excellent radiologist, she was also a doctor who never lost her perspective on the human aspect.

Besides her dedication to patient care she was a very high respected, admired researcher and EUSOBI board member. In the Maastricht University Medical Center she had various research running and she was always busy starting up new innovative  projects to improve imaging and therefore the treatment of breast cancer. Because of her unexpected death a cornerstone for research and breast radiology disappeared. The Maastricht University Medical Center and the radiology department specifically expressed their desire to continue the breastcare in her spirit and to expand where ever possible. To be able to continue Carla Boetes’ legacy, close colleagues from different specialisms, Dr. Marjolein Smidt and Prof. Dr. Joachim Wildberger in particular, established the Carla Boetes Fund. The goal of the Carla Boetes Fund is to support young, promising  researchers in the field of breast diagnostics, in order to improve imaging and consequently the treatment of breast cancer, fully in line with Carla Boetes’ legacy. The Carla Boetes Fund engages in the battle to fight breast cancer.

The board of executives of the Maastricht University Medical Center, the Annadal Foundation, the breast cancer screening organization in South-Netherland and General Electric have already committed theirselves for financial support to the Carla Boetes Fund. If you are interested in (financial) support to the Carla Boetes Fund, please do not hesitate to contact us to inform about the possibilities.

Contact details:
Marjolein Smidt

National Breast Societies Network


Workgroup for Mamma Diagnostic
Workgroup leader: Dr. Martin Daniaux


Belgian Breast Imaging Section
Chairperson: Dr. Godlieve Hufkens / Dr. Robert Grivegnee

Bosnia and Herzegovina

Association of Radiology of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Chairperson: Prof. Sandra Vegar / Dr. Fuad Zukic


Bulgarian Society of Breast Imaging
Chairperson: Dr. Lyubomir Trifonov


Working group for Breast of the Croatian Radiology Society
Workgroup leader: Prof. Boris Brkljacic


Breast Imaging Section in Cyprus
Chairperson: Dr. Chrysa Tziakouri Shiakalli

Czech Republic

Asociace mamodiagnostiků České republiky, z.s.
English designation: Association of Czech Breast Radiologists
President: Prof. Dr. Jan Danes, PhD.
Vice-President: Dr. Miroslava Skovajsova, PhD.
The ASSOCIATION OF CZECH BREAST RADIOLOGISTS (hereinafter referred to as the “Association”) is a voluntary independent association. The Association has been established in order to support and implement activities related to diagnosis and treatment of breast disease.
In particular, the Association:

  • participates in the management and control of Breast Screening Programme,
  • supports the promotion of programmes aimed at breast disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment,
  • represents physicians in negotiation on point values and health care reimbursement,
  • represents physicians in negotiations with health insurance companies, Czech Ministry of Health, public authorities and other bodies,
  • issues specialized publications,
  • organizes professional educational events, focused on breast disease diagnosis and treatment,
  • provides help and information to its members, such as health care reimbursement, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, business proposals, news in technology, etc.),
  • cooperates with national authorities and organizations, international organizations, and nonprofit organizations in the Czech Republic and abroad

Dansk Forening for Radiologisk Mammadiagnostik (DFRM)
English designation: Danish Society of Breast Imaging
President: Prof. Ilse Vejborg

DFRM is a society which is open to all with interest in breast diagnostics and membership is free of charge. The members are breast radiologists, radiographers, engineers and others working with breast diagnostics. The society is led by a steering committee consisting of breast radiologists, representing all the five regions in Denmark. The members of the steering committee is also represented in the Danish Breast Cancer Group (DBCG) as the Radiological Committee in DBCG. The chairman of DFRM is also a member of the steering committee in DBCG.


Eesti Radioloogia Ühing (ERÜ)
English designation: Estonian Society of Radiology
Group leader: Dr. Maret McHardy

The Estonian Society of Radiology is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation of radiology specialists. Its main aim is development of radiology in Estonia by means of quality improvement.

Information to patients:


Breast Radiologists of Finland (BRF)
Subsociety of Radiological Society of Finland
The object of BRF is to support and advance diagnostic and screening breast imaging in Finland. BRF organizes education, including lectures and hands-on screening workshops, and digital image examinations for radiologists in order to provide special competence in screening mammography. The competence is awarded by The Finnish Medical Association or the Radiological Society of Finland according to the recommendation of BRF. BRF co-operates with clinicians who work for breast cancer patients in organizing meetings and congresses, and acts as a consultant during preparation of national guidelines concerning the quality of  the screening and diagnostic breast imaging processes.


SIFEM – Société d’Imagerie de la Femme
President: Prof. Isabelle Thomassin-Naggara

The purpose of SIFEM is to promote diagnostic and therapeutic imaging of the female pelvis and breast:

  • by organizing scientific meetings and training meetings,
  • by participating in the development and promotion of scientific research activities,
  • by providing validated and validating training,
  • by disseminating best practices for imaging recommendations of the female pelvis and breast,
  • by providing expertise in setting up standards and in public health actions,
  • by providing academic support to its organs of expression, 
  • and in general by working for a better organization of the imagery of women.

Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft e.V. (DRG)
English designation: German Roentgen Society
The German Röntgen Society (Deutsche Röntgengesellschaft, DRG) and its members stand for the quality assured, scientifically sound application of all imaging procedures, also with particular regard to radiation protection. X-ray diagnostics, CT scans, magnetic resonance imaging, PET-CT, sonography and therapeutic interventions are an integral part of patient care. Their targeted application allows for rapid detection of diseases, precise diagnoses as well as the best possible medical treatment of patients in coordination with other medical fields.

Good education of students as well as practical and scientific training are critical for qualified young medical talents. The DRG supports all measures for the further improvement of education and promotes the active participation of students in advanced training events as well as congresses organised by associations and the academy of the DRG.

The DRG supports research as well as innovation in all fields of imaging diagnostics and therapy. Radiological research is committed to both the improvement and the early detection of diagnoses of diseases as well as examination methods. It is based on the rules of good scientific practice, ethical standards and legal requirements.

Assistant Professions
As a scientific specialist society, the DRG has cooperations with the societies of medical-radiological assistant professions. Together, they promote qualified patient care as well as continuous education and further training.

Further/Advanced Training
The DRG and its academy promote further/advanced radiological training at the highest level. They support members with regard to advanced/further training by means of events on diagnostics and image-guided radiation therapy that are based on present knowledge.

Medical Activities
There is an inextricable link between the review of indications, conduction, evaluation and diagnosis of imaging examinations as well as the usage of therapeutic radiological measures; they are the essence of the medical activities of radiologists. Their subject-specific knowledge and medical activities are committed to a comprehensive patient-orientated medical care.


Hellenic Breast Imaging Society (HBIS)
Our mission
The aims of the society are mainly scientific, social, non-profit and fund-raising for the advancement of breast imaging.

  1. To deliver useful and updated information to the members of the medical society and to general population about the recent developments in breast imaging.
  2. To establish committees that will issue guidelines regarding quality control in breast imaging centers throughout Greece.
  3. To strengthen the position of radiologists in the diagnosis and management of breast diseases.
  4. To establish committees that will force the adoption of international guidelines regarding the pre-surgical diagnosis through interventional techniques.
  5. To improve the collaboration of multidisciplinary approach in breast imaging centers.
  6. To encourage the educational progress in young radiologists in breast imaging.
  7. To provide help to women with breast cancer who are financially unable to pay for their hospital and medical care.

The aims will be carried out by:
Various educational and social activities as well as training in breast imaging will take place in the framework of multiple actions in the society. The following will take place:

  1. Systemized implementation and supervision of knowledge regarding breast imaging in Greece through continued medical education programs in Breast Imaging.
  2. Organization of conferences, educational seminars, lectures, and scientific activities dedicated to breast diseases aiming to improve scientific knowledge.
  3. Collaboration with other Greek and International medical societies, associations and federations who have the same aims as our society.
  4. Establishment of committees that will be responsible for specific issues in Breast Imaging.
  5. Awards to members of the society for their ground breaking scientific work and studies regarding breast diseases.
  6. Scholarships to young scientists- members of the society- for specializing abroad in the field of breast imaging.
  7. Through media coverage, the aims and the purposes of the society will be publicized.
  8. Printing of informative pamphlets regarding the prevention of early diagnosis of breast cancer that will be distributed to the public.
  9. Organizing cultural evenings, theatrical or musical events, festivals, excursions and establishing a cultural department that will enhance the purposes of the society.
  10. Organization of fund raising events.

Section of Breast Diagnostics, Hungarian Society of Radiologists
Contact: (Gábor Forrai, Secretary General)
The Section has been founded in 1997, in order to increase the professional level and to standardize patient care, educate breast radiologists, and prepare the nationwide screening program. The Section has been established good relation with the other related professions.

In the frame of educational activities a lot of courses have been organized for radiologists and radiographers, held by local and international experts from UK, France, Sweden, Netherlands, etc. The Section has been participating in all Hungarian radiological congresses by organizing the breast diagnostic and screening slot, as well as its own meetings, at least once per year.

The Section has contributed to the launch of the Hungarian breast screening program in 2001, by establishing its guidelines, algorithms and control mechanisms. We are maintaining continuous work relations with the health authorities, and the social security office.

In 2008 the „Complex Breast Diagnostic” excellence exam has been introduced, by the recommendation of our Section. We have been actively participating in the elaboration of the theoretical and practical part of the exam and in the testing process itself.

In 2014 this exam has been officially transformed to a „licence” exam, the process remained mostly unchanged. Passing this exam is the requirement for performing breast radiology work in Hungary.

Board of the Breast Diagnostic Section:

President: Dr. Sebő Éva
Vice-President: Dr. Ambrózay Éva
Secretary General: Dr. Forrai Gábor
Honorary President: Dr. Péntek Zoltán

Board Members:
Dr. Kovács Eszter
Dr. Szabó Endre
Dr. Szabó Tünde
Dr. Szomják Anett
Dr. Tasnádi Tünde
Dr. Tóth Eszter

Advisory Board:
Dr. Ormándi Katalin
Dr. Riedl Erika
Dr. Milics Margit
Dr. Szabó Éva
Dr. Nahm Krisztina

EUSOBI women’s information papers – Hungarian translation:


Breast Imaging Interest Group in Iceland
Representative: Dr. Ester Kristinardottir


Irish Breast Radiology Group
Chairperson: Dr. Gormlaith Hargaden


Israeli Breast Imaging Society
President: Dr. Tamar Sella


Sezione di Senologia della Società Italiana di Radiologia Medica
English designation: Italian College of Breast Radiologists (ICBR) by the Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM)

The Italian College of Breast Radiologists (ICBR) was founded in 1974 by a group of radiologists with a specific interest for breast imaging inside the already strong Italian Society of Medical Radiology (SIRM). Since its foundation, the members and committees of ICBR have been active in both the education and in the research field. Many members of the society gave relevant contributions to the successful advancements in breast imaging in Italy in the last decades. Currently ICBR is one of the largest branches of SIRM.

ICBR aims at supporting continuous education and research in breast imaging. It also working extensively to strengthen the relations with other scientific societies and women associations, active in the field of breast diseases. Especially in the last decades, ICBR has been working to promote the central role of radiologists in breast diseases and to improve communication with other specialists and, more important, with patients.

ICBR is very active in the organization and support of courses and congresses all over Italy, on topics ranging from basic knowledge to advanced techniques. Together with SIRM, it organizes or supports every year several events. The College also strongly assists its members in their continuous training and everyday issues.
Another main activity is finalized to increasing the interest and knowledge of residents and young radiologists in breast imaging, and ensuring their active participation in the College.
Finally, ICBR is working to improve information and communication with the patients and it strongly supports the central role of breast radiologists in the management of women with breast diseases.


Macedonian Society of Breast Radiology (MSBR) – Dojka
The MSBR was established in April 2016 by professionals involved in the early detection of breast cancer in the Republic of Macedonia.  The main goals are to provide information, guidelines, recommendations and education about breast cancer and early detection. MSBR is an apolitical and not for profit society with one and only goal: fighting breast cancer using imaging methods and support breast cancer screening. The mission of the MBRS is to motivate saving lives and treating breast cancer with dignity and compassion.


Department of Breast Imaging in the Society of Imagists of the Republic of Moldova


Dutch College of Breast Imaging (DCBI)
President: Dr. Jeroen Veltman


Norwegian Society of Breast Imaging
About: The society has 60 members, and have courses or meetings 1-2 times a year.


Secção de Senologia da Sociedade Portuguesa de Radiologia e Medicina Nuclear (SPRMN)
English designation: Breast Imaging Section of Portuguese Society of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine
The Sociedade Portuguesa de Radiologia e Medicina Nuclear (SPRMN) was founded in 6th June of 1931. It is dedicated to support research and education of Portuguese radiology community, organizing multiple annual meetings and courses. Since 1989, it is responsible for publication of Acta Radiologia Portuguesa, a billing trimestral journal that aims to share radiology scientific papers of Portuguese and foreigners authors.

EUSOBI women’s information papers – Portuguese translation:
Screening statement:


Societatea de Imagistica Sanului din Romania (SISR)
English designation: Romanian Society of Breast Imaging
The Romanian Society of Breast Imaging (Societatea de Imagistica Sanului din Romania or SISR) was founded in 2005 in order to assure a framework for specialists in breast imaging. It has actually more than 200 active members. In 2007, the society started to organise professional meetings in Sibiu which have been held annually, international speakers are present almost every year. Between 200 and 250 participants were attending the conferences in the last years. SISR is organising hands-on courses with topics like interventional radiology, tomosynthesis, ABUS ultrasound, quality assurance programmes in mammography and multidisciplinary understanding of breast pathology.


School of Breast Imaging and Interventional Procedures
This school exists for almost ten years, we educate radiology residents and radiologists on the basic and advanced principles of breast imaging, including mammography, ultrasound and MRI examinations, as well as imaging-guided biopsies. Every year about 25-50 people attend the school followed by a two-week hands-on training in the Center for Diagnostic Imaging, Oncology Institute of Vojvodina, a Serbian leading breast dedicated center. Additional value of the school is its international character, having several experts in the field (Prof Tibor Tot and Prof Edward Azavedo from Sweden and Prof Boris Brkljacic from Croatia) as visiting speakers.

EUSOBI women’s information papers – Serbian translation:
Screening statement:


The Section of Breast Imaging of Slovac Radiologic Society (SEMADI)
Contact: (SEMADI President)
The Section of Breast Imaging of Slovac Radiologic Society is a very active section, doing a lot of activities. The section was formed in 1996 and today they are counting 130 participants.

EUSOBI papers – Slovakian translation:
Diffusion-weighted imaging of the breast:


Svensk Förening för Bröstradiolgi – SFBR
Swedish Society of Breast Imaging
President: Dr. Karin Leifland


Breast Imaging Group in Switzerland
Representative: Dr. Ghazal Adler


TSR Breast Imaging Study Group
Subgroup of the Turkish Society of Radiology
Turkish Society of Radiology (TSR) was founded in 1924. It is a member of Turkish Medical Specialist Board which is official body of Ministry of Health in Turkey. TSR is institutional member society of ECR, ISR and UEMS. There is is a strong relationship with European Society of Radiology. Currently the number of active members are over 4300.
The mission of TSR is to encourage and support continuing education and research activities, promoting the highest standards of practice in radiology, and to foster the cooperation and interaction with radiological subspecialties, and other national/ international societies, and also with health authorities.

EUSOBI women’s information papers (mammography/screening/MRI) – Turkish translation:

International Partner Societies

IBERO-AMERICA | Sociedad Iberoamericana de Imagen Mamaria (SIBIM)

The Ibero-American Society of Breast Imaging, SIBIM, was created on October 20, 2005 by a group of Spanish radiologists in agreement with the Inter-American College of Radiology, CIR, with the aim of representing the Ibero-American geographical, cultural and scientific environment, in all the social, care, educational and research issues, linked to the diagnosis and intervention of the breast.

It is a non-profit medical-scientific society, established with the purpose of bringing together medical specialists in radiodiagnosis from the countries of Latin America and Spain, and promoting the development of diagnosis and interventionism by breast imaging, in all its aspects.

Among the objectives of SIBIM is the defense of the rights and attributions of the radiologist dedicated to diagnosis and interventionism by imaging in its application to the breast area, proposing to other Scientific Societies, as well as public or private institutions and organizations, the guidelines that it deems convenient and appropriate in the care, teaching and research order, relative to the field that is its own.

INDIA | Breast Imaging Society, India (BISI)

The Breast Imaging Society, India has been started with the main goal of supporting research and education in the medical field of the best actual screening, diagnostic, and interventional practice within the radiology community and beyond- as well as to publicize these methods to patients.

Main objectives of the society include promotion of world class breast imaging practice and emphasizing its role in healthcare. Healthcare and remain as an apolitical and non profit organisation. These will be achieved with regular conferences, CMEs, workshops, fellowships and training programs. Recommendations and guidelines specific to the needs of our country will be formulated. Breast Imaging Society, India will also interact with organizations of breast surgeons, oncologists, NGOs, industry, policy makers and others who are directly or indirectly involved in breast cancer awareness and management.

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA | Society of Breast Imaging (SBI)

SBI’s mission:
For members to be expert and authoritative breast imagers working in supportive practice environments who advance the highest quality of breast care via early detection, diagnosis, and treatment.