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EUSOBI’s History

EUSOBI was founded in 1997, based on individual friendly relations between a few European breast imaging specialists.
The goals of the newly born society were to support the medical field of „breast imaging“ in the widest sense of the word, both with basic education and as support for basic and advanced research. EUSOBI organises since its foundation scientific meetings that aim for both – giving continuous education in breast radiology and update on the latest research.

The founding members joined forces and organised the first EUSOBI Symposium, which was held in Amiens, France, in 1998.

The first Symposium was a success and the founders continued their efforts. By the time of the second conference in Salzburg, in 2000, the society doubled in size and, albeit relatively small, had already caught the attention of many radiologists interested in the rapidly developing field of breast imaging.
The decision to move the conferences to Vienna before the ECR, in 2004, helped the society reach a wider audience.
With the ongoing success of the society, the need for an independent Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) became clear. Since 2012, EUSOBI organizes its ASM around Europe. The ASM is now one of the most renowned events for breast radiologists and is attended every year by more than 600 participants.

Since its foundation, EUSOBI grew to become a landmark for radiologists with a special interest in breast imaging in and outside of Europe.

Here is a list of breast radiologists that through the years made this possible:


President: Y. Grumbach
Vice president: G. Wolf
Vice president: G. Mazy
Secretary general: I. Schreer
Vice secretary: G. Simonetti
Vice secretary: O. Jarlman
Treasurer: R. Ch. Otto
Vice treasurer: S. Field
Vice treasurer: D. Jansens

President: G. Wolf
Vice president: E. Azavedo
Past president: Y. Grumbach
Secretary general: I. Schreer
Vice secretary: G. Rizzatto
Treasurer: R. Ch. Otto
Vice treasurer: S. Field
Executive Board Members: A. van Steen, E. Lattanzio, R. Salvador, D. Janssens

President: E. Azavedo
Vice president: I. Schreer
Past president: G. Wolf
Honorary president: Y. Grumbach
Secretary general: T. Helbich
Vice secretary: R. Chersevani
Treasurer: R. Ch. Otto
Vice treasurer: M. Wallis
Executive Board Members: A. van Steen, J. Stines, R. Salvador, D. Janssens

President: I. Schreer
Vice president: R. Salvador
Past president: E. Azavedo
Honorary president: Y. Grumbach
Secretary general: T. Helbich
Vice secretary: J. Stines
Treasurer: M. Wallis
Vice treasurer: K. Kinkel
Executive Board Members: A. Tardivon, J. Danes, R. Chersevani

President: R. Salvador
Vice president: M. Wallis
Past president: I. Schreer
Honorary president: Y. Grumbach
Secretary: T. Helbich
Vice secretary: A. Tardivon
Treasurer: K. Kinkel
Vice treasurer: G. Forrai
Executive Committee Members: C. Boetes, G. Rizzatto, G. Esen

President: M. Wallis
Vice president: T. Helbich
Past president: R. Salvador
Honorary president: Y. Grumbach
Secretary general: C. Boetes
Vice secretary: A. Tardivon
Treasurer: G. Forrai
Vice treasurer: G. Esen
Chairman of Scientific Activities: I. Schreer
Chairman of Editorial Board: F. Sardanelli
Ordinary member: P. Skaane, S. Barter

President: T. Helbich
Vice president: C. Boetes
Past president: M. Wallis
Secretary general: F. Sardanelli
Vice secretary: P. Skaane
Treasurer: G. Forrai
Vice treasurer: G. Esen
Chairman of Scientific Activities: C. Kuhl
Chairman of Editorial Board: S. Barter
Chairman of International Relations: F. Gilbert
Ordinary member: A. Tardivon, F. Pediconi, L. Pina

President: F. Sardanelli
Vice president: G. Forrai
Past president: T. Helbich
Secretary general: P. Skaane
Treasurer: L. Pina
Chairman of Educational Committee: F. Pediconi
Chairman of Scientific Committee: U. Bick
Chairman of International Relation Committee: J. Camps Herrero
Ordinary member: C. Kuhl, F. Gilbert, K. Pinker-Domenig


Authors: I. Schreer, Hamburg/DE; P. Clauser, Vienna/AT

Prof. Yves Grumbach

Prof. Ingrid Schreer

left: Prof. Francesco Sardanelli
right: Prof. Gábor Forrai


Starting from 2007-2008, EUSOBI started to organize several teaching courses. Here is a list, only of EUSOBI Congresses:

1998: EUSOBI Symposium, Amiens/FR, 1998.
2000: 2nd EUSOBI Conference, Salzburg/AT, October 6-7, 2000
2002: 3rd EUSOBI Congress, Stockholm/SE, August 22-24, 2002
2004: European Breast Imaging Update, Vienna/AT, March 4, 2004
2005: European Breast Imaging Update, Vienna/AT, March 3, 2005
2006: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Vienna/AT, March 2, 2006
2007: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Vienna/AT, March 8, 2007
2008: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Vienna/AT, March 6, 2008
2009: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Vienna/AT, March 5, 2009
2010: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Vienna/AT, March 3-4, 2010
2011: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Vienna/AT, March 2-3, 2011
2012: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Barcelona/ES, October 12-13, 2012 (in cooperation with SEDIM)
2013: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Rome/IT, October 11-12, 2013 (in cooperation with SIRM)
2014: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Amsterdam/NL, September 26-27, 2014 (in cooperation with DCBI)
2015: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, London/UK, October 2-3, 2015 (in coopertation with BSBR)
2016: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Paris/FR, September 23-24, 2016 (in cooperation with SIFEM)
2017: EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting, Berlin/DE, September 22-23, 2017 (in cooperation with DGS and DRG)

Carla Boetes Award

This EUSOBI initiative, in the name of our beloved Prof. Carla Boetes means to honour young radiologists or nuclear medicine specialists that have made a significant contribution to breast imaging research. Please find below the list of all Carla Boetes Young Investigator Awardees since 2012:

Total Choline (tCHO) levels in mammary gland of healthy fertile young women assuming or not assuming oral contraceptives (OC): a 3 T 1H MRS study
M.L. Luciani, Rome/IT

Digital screening mammography superior to screen-film mammography in the early detection of clinically relevant cancers
A. Bluekens, Tilburg/NL

Development of an online, PHP-based Bayesian clasifier for mammographic masses
M. Benndorf, Jena/DE

Accuracy of tumour size assessment in the preoperative staging of breast cancer: comparison of digital mammography, tomosynthesis, ultrasound and MRI
A. Luparia, Brussels/BE

Spectral mammography for characterizing cystic and solid breast lesions: first results on fixed tissue specimens
F. Kilburn-Toppin, Cambridge/UK

Tailored breast cancer screening programme using MicroDose mammography, ultrasound and MRI: short term results of a pilot study in 40-49 year old women
E. Venturini, Milan/IT

Clinical application of bilateral multiparametric magnetic resonanace imaging with high resolution dynamic contrast-enhanced magnetic resonance and diffusion-weighted imaging of the breast at 7T
K. Pinker-Domenig, Vienna/AT

Prognostic MRI: Quantitative volumetric Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI is an independent predictor of disease-specific survival in primary invasive breast cancer
P. Baltzer, Vienna/AT

A new optimized feed-forward artificial neural network topology to classify breast lesions detected by contrast enhanced MRI
M. Moschetta, Bari/IT

Synthetic 2D Mammography Substitutes Digital Mammography as Adjunct to Digital Breast Tomosynthesis: Experience with a Wide-angle Tomosynthesis System
P. Clauser, Vienna/AT

Gold Medalists


EUSOBI 2014 Gold Medal in memory of Werner A. Kaiser

EUSOBI 2015 Gold Medal to Prof. emeritus Per Skaane
Evolving mammography from film-screen to tomosynthesis
P. Skaane, Oslo/NO

EUSOBI 2016 Gold Medal to Prof. Dr. Sylvia Heywang-Köbrunner
1986-2016: Contrast-enhanced MRI 30 years after
S. Heywang-Köbrunner, Munich/DE

EUSOBI 2017 Gold Medal to Assoc.Prof. Tibor Tot
Radiological-pathological correlation in 2017
T. Tot, Falun/SE