EUSOBI 2022 Industry Workshops


Please find below an overview of the hands-on workshops of our industry partners organised on occasion of the EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 in Malmö, Sweden. Kindly note that all workshops will take place in the EUSOBI 2022 Congress Venue (Malmö Arena & Malmö Arena Hotel) and are free of charge for EUSOBI 2022 delegates. An active registration to the EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 is required for successful workshop reservation.

Siemens Healthineers

What, when, why? Wide-angle DBT and Titanium CEM in the clinical routine

Discuss the performance of the comprehensive platform MAMMOMAT Revelation.

Are you considering adding Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Contrast Enhanced Mammography to your department? Have you just started and would like to see how others are using it? Perhaps, you’ve been using it for a while, but would like to compare the workflow from another site with yours?
Dr. Luis Pina will present a diverse series of up to 15 cases. The majority of clinical use-cases will be covered with these cases. In between Dr. Daan Hellingman will briefly explain some technical and scientific background for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis and Contrast Enhanced Mammography.

Dr. Luis Javier Pina Insausti, Pamplona/ES (Breast Radiologist – University of Navarra)
Dr. Daan Hellingman, Forchheim/DE (Medical Scientist – Siemens Healthineers)

Available slots:
Thursday, September 29, 17:05-18:20
Friday, September 30, 11:15-12:30
Saturday, October 1, 10:50-12:05

Room Palissad WEST / Malmö Arena, floor -1

What, when, why? Multimodal imaging for state-of-the-art breast diagnostics

Experience the full spectrum of breast imaging on MAMMOVISTA and a wide-angle tomo biopsy.

Recognize the advantages of basic imaging methods such as mammography and ultrasound, establish when they are sufficient and when additional diagnostic procedures like breast tomosynthesis, or breast MRI are required – the full spectrum of multimodal diagnostics on one workplace. And what if a biopsy is required after all?
Dr. Clara Park will discuss up to 15 cases on differential breast diagnostics and show various tomo biopsies of calcifications, masses and architectural distortions including their histologic outcomes. Together, we will simulate a complete tomo-biopsy examination on the MAMMOMAT Revelation. Tips and tricks will be shown to help you get started in the world of biopsy and to enhance your workflow.

Speaker: Dr. Clara Park, Wiesbaden/DE (Breast Radiologist – National Breast Screening Center)

Available slots:
Friday, September 30, 09:35-10:50
Friday, September 30, 16:00-17:15
Saturday, October 1, 09:05-10:20

Room Palissad WEST / Malmö Arena, floor -1

What, when, why? Artificial Intelligence in Mammography

Discover the power of the evidence-based breast AI Transpara with most advanced tools

There is a need to increase cancer detection with mammography as well as to increase interpretation efficiency, especially as tomosynthesis is becoming the standard of care. Prof. Nico Karssemeijer and Henny Rijken will review the impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) in cancer detection as well as compare AI to radiologist interpretation with 2D and 3D mammograms. Discover the benefits of the AI-based Transpara™ decision-support tool on the powerful MAMMOVISTA workstations in a personally guided reading session with exciting clinical cases.

Prof. Dr. Nico Karssemeijer, Nijmegen/NL (Medical physicist – Radboud University / ScreenPoint Medical)
Henny Rijken, Nijmegen/NL (Clinical Specialist – Screenpoint Medical)

Available slots:
Thursday, September 29, 15:30-16:45
Friday, September 30, 14:05-15:20

Saturday, October 1, 12:30-13:45

Room Palissad WEST / Malmö Arena, floor -1


Vacuum Assisted Procedures (VAB – VAE): US guided hands-on sessions

Are you already performing Breast Vacuum Assisted Biopsy procedures? Are you willing to start?
> Join VAB/VAE European experts, to learn about the Guidelines.
> Take part of the practical sessions with EnCor Enspire™ and BD EleVation™ Breast Biopsy Systems used under UltraSound guidance.
> Know more about BD Breast Tissue Markers Solutions

Workshop 1

Friday, September 30, 09:00-10:30

Athanasios Nasos Zouzos, Stockholm/SE
Ana Rodriguez, Barcelona/ES

Workshop 2

Friday, September 30, 15:00-16:30

Athanasios Nasos Zouzos, Stockholm/SE
Silvia Pérez, Madrid/ES

Room Terrassen 4 / Malmö Arena Hotel, 1st floor


One system for all USG breast and axilla biopsies: NeoNavia® PULSED biopsy system (a practical workshop)

A hands-on workshop with the NeoNavia biopsy system suitable for all USG breast and axilla biopsies. An opportunity for attendees to try NeoNavia’s unique, open-tip pulsed-needle, developed by the Karolinska Institutet.

Experience how the patented pulse technology and needle design ensures high quality and accurate tissue samples irrespective of lesion type, size or location, giving you a precise way to target lesions, for a more reliable diagnosis.

Kai-Uwe Schässburger, PhD, Hamburg/DE (Director Clinical Development & Medical Affairs at NeoDynamics)

Available slot:
Friday, September 30, 14:00-15:30

Room Terrassen 6 / Malmö Arena Hotel, 1st floor

GE Healthcare

CESM & CESM guided biopsy: What, how & for who

Breast cancer diagnosis requires great vision through improving quality care and exciting new technological advances. In this workshop, you will get to understand the advantages and challenges of CEM (contrast enhanced mammography) and of CESM guided biopsy from the leading expert. The excitement of CEM can be easily perceived by hundreds of publications with retrospective and prospective studies from various parts of the world in less than a decade.

Dr. med. Teresa Mahtab Wenz, Zurich/CH (Institut for Radiology and Nuclear Medicine StadtSpital Zurich)

Available slots:
Thursday, September 29, 15:45-16:45 (Option 1)
Friday, September 30, 09:00-10:00 (Option 2)

Room Palissad SOUTH / Malmö Arena, floor -1

Improving Breast Cancer Outcome through Innovation in Breast Ultrasound

Meet two experienced radiologists who made of breast care their mission, trying every day to embrace new solutions to improve their patient care and experience.

Prof Aribal leads a multimodality breast imaging unit in Istanbul. His department embraces a multidisciplinary approach in designing a personalized breast care patient pathway. Latest innovations in Ultrasound include the adoption of Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) for dense breast, and the most recent 2D SWE and KOIOS DS AI-based tool for decision support on his LOGIQ E10 ultrasound device. He will go through a case gallery showing how the introduction of latest ultrasound innovations could impact on his patients’ outcomes within a personalized care management,

Dr Scaperrotta is the leading radiologist in the Breast Radiology Department of the National Cancer Center in Milan. Ultrasound imaging is at the centre of the hub of his patients’ management, in combination with other imaging modalities. He will guide you through a case gallery showing how a multiparametric ultrasound approach including the latest innovations, as KOIOS DS, help him make more confident decisions in terms of patient therapy and follow up.

Prof. M. Erkin Aribal, Istanbul/TR (Breast Radiologist – ACIBADEM Altunizade Hospital, Istanbul)
Dr. Gianfranco Scaperrotta, Milan/IT (Breast Radiologist, IRCCS Istituto Nazionale dei Tumori, Milano)

Friday, September 30, 11:00-12:00

Room Palissad SOUTH / Malmö Arena, floor -1

Successful Implementation Strategies for Automated Breast Ultrasound: A Practical Approach to Improve Breast Care Outcome

Implementing an innovation in the breast care pathway might involves changing the department workflow and a new learning curve. Join two of our ABUS experts to learn about their strategy to successfully implement the Automated Breast Ultrasound.

Dr. Athina Vourtsi is a dedicated breast radiologist based in Athens, Greece. She is the founder of the Diagnostic Mammography Center and the founding President of the Hellenic Breast Imaging Society. As a member of the Medical Advisory Board and European Liaison of she has been working on launching DBI-s efforts into Europe. She has been using ABUS for the past 7 years in her private breast imaging center, which performs predominantly screening examinations and has successfully integrated ABUS in her workflow to improve her productivity and patient experience.

Dr. Magda Marcon is a passionate breast imaging consultant from University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland. Her particular interest is in the field of artificial intelligence, and she is involved in research related to deep learning analysis software in the classification of breast cancer. She is also one of our GEHC ABUS peer educators, actively educating new ABUS users. She will be sharing her best practice in implementing ABUS in her workflow and how ABUS impacts her patient outcomes along the different phases of the breast care pathway.

Dr. Athina Vourtsi MD, PhD, Athens/GR  (Director and Founder, Diagnostic Mammography Center, Athens)
Dr. Med Magda Marcon, Zurich/CH (Consultant Breast Radiologist, Lachen Hospital, University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland)

Friday, September 30, 16:00-17:00

Room Palissad SOUTH / Malmö Arena, floor -1

The impact of AI in clinical routine for breast cancer detection

ProFound AI from iCAD, for Senographe Pristina™ is a deep learning based concurrent reading solution that helps radiologists improve their cancer detection performance and reduce reading time when interpreting digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) cases.
In this “ProFound Insights, ProFound Impact” event and clinical case study review we take a deeper dive into a range of real-world cases and discover how the ProFound AI® Breast Health Suite can help radiologists find cancers earlier and improve outcomes for patients.

Richard Caponigro (Clinical Leader AI Solutions Europe, iCAD)

Saturday, October 1, 14:15-15:30

Room Palissad SOUTH / Malmö Arena, floor -1


Lunit Industry-sponsored Workshop

Friday, September 30, 13:00-14:30

13:00 Application of AI in Mammography Interpretation: Current Status and Future Potentials
Jung Hyun Yoon, MD, PhD, South Korea
13:45 Experiences using Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Routine
Caroline Weide, MD, Germany

Room Terrassen 1 / Malmö Arena Hotel, 1st floor



Dr Elena Vasileiadi Drakotou will present interesting cases of Digital Breast Tomosynthesis, approach them using the BI RADS lexicon, compare them to 2D mammography and correlate them with MRI images. The purpose of the workshop is to help familiarize you with the use of DBT in everyday practice, demonstrate the advantages of DBT compared to 2D imaging and explain why you should consider Planmed Clarity™ 3D for your breast imaging needs.

Speaker: Elena Vasileiadi Drakotou, Larissa/GR

Available slots:
Friday, September 30, 09:15-10:30
Friday, September 30, 14:15-15:30

Room Terrassen 5 / Malmö Arena Hotel, 1st floor