EUSOBI Breast MRI Training Courses – DIAMOND SPONSOR

Breast MRI is considered to be the most important imaging technique to have emerged in breast cancer care, opening a new window for diagnosing this disease. European radiologists pioneered this application of MRI and have promoted its clinical use since the 1980s.

Over the course of 1,5 days, European experts in breast MRI & CEM are delivering lessons covering state-of-the-art technical options, image interpretation and reporting, and clinical indications, designed to increase knowledge, skills and confidence levels when applying these techniques. Moreover, they are leading workshop sessions where small groups of attendees discuss clinical cases related to those topics explained during formal presentations.

In 2024, the European Society of Breast Imaging (EUSOBI) organises 2 EUSOBI Breast MRI Training Course with the support of Guerbet by an unrestricted educational grant.

Detailed information about courses could be found on the MRI course website:

Diamond Sponsor

EUSOBI is very grateful for its diamond sponsor Guerbet, providing the unrestricted educational grant for the EUSOBI Breast MRI Training Courses.


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