Sunday, January 29, 2023

Dear Colleagues,
It is my sad task to inform you that Professor Yves Grumbach, one of the founders of EUSOBI and the first EUSOBI President, has passed away last week. Anne Tardivon who knew him very well has written a short “ In Memoriam” to honour Professor Grumbach.

Prof. Ruud Pijnappel, President

Dear Colleagues, Dear friends, Dear friends and members of EUSOBI,
It is with great emotion and sadness to inform you of the passing of Professor Yves Grumbach (85y) last week. Together with Prof. Wolf, Yves Grumbach were founding members of our European Society of Breast Imaging in 1997. Prof. Grumbach was EUSOBI’s first president.
After medical studies and residency at Strasbourg, he became Professor and chief of the department of radiology at Amiens from 1973 to 2007. He was a pioneer in breast cancer screening and breast ultrasound. Besides his appetite to spread and teach our speciality over the world, Yves was a gentleman and a very kind and tireless companion with the youngest generations. May he rest in peace.

On behalf of SIFEM (Société d’Imagerie de la FEMme), Paris