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‘Walk of Fame’ at ECR 2019

Tomosynthesis plus digital mammography versus digital mammography for breast cancer screening: the Reggio Emilia tomosynthesis randomized trial
V. Iotti, C. Campari, P. Giorgi Rossi, A. Nitrosi, R. Vacondio, P. Pattacini; Reggio Emilia/IT
EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

Best of Annual Scientific Meetings 

EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting 2018

Interpretation of Patterns of Enhancement on Contrast-Enhanced Digital Mammography: An Approach to a Standardized Scheme
S. Gareer, M. H. Helal, O. Mokhtar, Y. Mounir, A. Abdel Aziz; Cairo/EG

Nipple sparing mastectomy (NSM) for oncologic surgical management: Tumor-to-nipple distance (TND) on preoperative MRI aids patient selection and predicting outcomes
J. Lee, K.L. Harris, J. Frey, A. Salibian, M. Choi, N. Karp, D. Axelrod; Scarsdale, NY/US

Does a predictive multiparametric [18F]FDG-PET/MRI model including imaging biomarkers of the tumor and contralateral healthy breast tissue aid breast cancer diagnosis?
D. Leithner1, B. Bernard-Davila2, D. Martinez2, T.H. Helbich3, G. Karanikas3, M.S. Jochelson2, E.A. Morris2, P.A.T. Baltzer3, P. Clauser3, K. Pinker-Domenig3; 1Frankfurt am Main/DE, 2New York/US, 3Vienna/AT

Can perilesional edema detected in MRI be considered as a biomarker for breast cancer? Role of FSE T2-weighted IDEAL sequences
G. Moffa, F. Galati, F. Marzocca, G. Panzironi, F. Pediconi; Rome/IT

Digital Breast Tomosynthesis with Photon-Counting technology: results from a clinical comparison study
E. Venturini, C. Losio, M. G. Rodighiero, S. Tacchini, E. Schiani, P. Panizza; Milan/IT

EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting 2017

Focal breast lesions categorization according to the BI-RADS US lexicon: role of a computer-aided decision-making support
T.V. Bartolotta1, A. Orlando1, A. Taibbi1, M. Safina2, M.L. Di Vittorio1, F. Amato1, A. Cirino1, R. Ienzi1; 1Palermo/IT, 2Castellammare del Golfo/IT

To Seed or Not to Seed: A Single Institution Experience with Radioactive Seed Localization
K. Jumaa
, B. Al Johani, M. Brackstone, A. Kornecki; London/CA

Multiparametric breast [18F]FDG-PET/MRI: are there difference in imaging biomarkers of contralateral healthy tissue in patients with and without breast cancer?
D. Leithner1, T.H. Helbich2, B. Bernard-Davila3, G.J. Wengert2, P. Kapetas2, P.A.T. Baltzer2, W. Bogner2, A. Haug2, E.A. Morris3, K. Pinker2; 1Frankfurt am Main/DE, 2Vienna/AT, 3New York/US

Re-operation rates in Tis, T1 and T2 breast cancer after preoperative staging with multimodal imaging
G. Mariscotti, M. Durando, D. Bosco, C. Casella, L. Bergamasco, P. Fonio, G. Gandini; Turin/IT

EUSOBI Annual Scientific Meeting 2016

Determining Efficacy of Concurrent CAD for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis
J. Arfi-Rouche1, C.S. Balleyguier1, L. Levy2, P. Toubiana2, F. Cohen-Scali2, B. Boyer2, R.A. Benedikt3, J. Boatsman3, A. Toledano4, J. Hoffmeister5; 1Villejuif/FR, 2Paris/FR, 3San Antonio/US, 4Washington/US, 5Nahsua/US

Implementing 3-D ultrasound elastography in an automated breast volume scanner to improve specificity for breast cancer detection
G.A.G.M. Hendriks
, C. Chen, A.S.S. Meel – van Den Abeelen, H.H.G. Hansen, C.L. de Korte; Nijmegen/NL

Patient-Specific Dose for Mammography and Tomosynthesis using Volumetric Breast Density
M.L. Hill1, R. Highnam2; 1Issy les Moulineaux/FR, 2Wellington/NZ

Efficacy & patient/physician satisfaction using US-guided preop SAVI SCOUT® reflector placement for intraop guidance for nonpalpable breast lesions: prelim data of prospective
J. Lee1, H. Toth2, F. Schnabel2, J. Chun Kim2, S. Shivers3, P. Whitworth4, C. Cox3; 1Scarsdale/US, 2New York/US, 3Tampa/US, 4Nashville/US

Breast DCIS: Role of preoperative MRI in assessment of disease extent
V. Lehotska, L. Vanovcanova, K. Rauova; Bratislava/SK

Breast cancer screening with a high spatiotemporal MRI sequence in women with increased risk is as accurate as standard diagnostic MRI protocols.
J. van Zelst1, A. Gubern-Mérida1, S. Vreemann1, J. Veltman2, M. Dorrius3, C. Loo4, K.M. Duvivier4, N. Karssemeijer1, R.M. Mann1; 1Nijmegen/NL, 2Almelo/NL, 3Groningen/NL, 4Amsterdam/NL